Olentangy John: “Daniel”

It’s tough to call John Atzberger a diamond in the rough. He won The Williamsburg Live Songwriter’s Competition in 2007. He’s released his own wonderful album, along with several other quality records, on his own Trailer Fire Records label. He’s played at the Nelsonville Music Festival in Nelsonville, Ohio as well as the LA Folk Fest. He’s a talented singer-songwriter with a bluegrass/folk bent. Trailer Fire Records even defined a new genre. Well, sort of.

He goes by Olentangy John, and he’s from Los Angeles via New York via Ohio. Talent deserves recognition. So I want to take this opportunity to expose you to a lovely song, titled “Daniel,” from his 2009 LP O! Be Joyful. Atzberger was also kind enough to share some demos from what may be his new record, which we’ve also made available for you here.

Atzberger plays the hell out of the banjo, as evidenced on “Daniel,” a song that seems to be about new beginnings — and winning over those who you might have let down in another life — as well as an inescapable feeling of being doomed. But it’s pretty, I promise.

An interesting interview with Mr. Atzberger here.

Olentangy John – Daniel by The Wounded Jukebox

Olentangy John – Crow’s Feet by The Wounded Jukebox

Olentangy John – Angry Little Town by The Wounded Jukebox

[Buy O! Be Joyful here]


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