Video: (Interactive!) Au Revoir Simone – “Knight of Wands”


Brooklyn based trio Au Revoir Simone (a Pee-Wee Herman line apparently) are well known in the electronic dream pop circles as a charming innovative group that has an eye for the oddities of life.  They take them, brush the neglect off, and present them anew in the key of three.  When they all assemble on a stage stacked with keyboards, looping pedals and other electronica, you’re compelled to see these demure collectors as treasures themselves.

For example, for their latest video of “Knight of Wands”, a gold carousel in a haunted mansion of a song, they open the creative process to YOU.  An interactive coloring book filled with moving pictures and patterns that you choose (you can even color Erika, Annie and Heather themselves, which is mighty brave and kind of them) lifts to reveal the girls waiting to perform their song for you.  It’s really quite charming and lovely and pleasant.  I found myself painting things pink that rightly shouldn’t have been so.  Fuchsia candles just seemed to fit the song somehow.

Make your own mural of the girls for “Knight of Wands” HERE !!!<<<<<<<

You can watch one being done below, but it’s not nearly as much fun.

Knight Of Wands – Au Revoir Simone by drixx

[Take-Away Show]

[Official Website]




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