On The Radar: Netherfriends


Playing December 11th at the Dude Locker

You’re in the belly of a whale. Ribs form out of soundproofed walls, teeth form from exposed stage lights and scales glimmer as the heater. This beached beast is in Brooklyn in Pete’s Candy Store and houses many wandering artists. One of which is making another stop in Columbus.

PetesCandyStoreWmsbgBklyn This was the mystic setting where I first discovered Netherfriends, an artist collective headed by Shawn Rosenblatt. Originating from Chicago, Rosenblatt remains the fixture of what sounds like a motley crew of musicians.  Regular instruments, found objects and modern technology meld together to form a sound I am calling opti-dream pop (they call themselves psych-pop). Playful tunes cover matter that post-college 20-something can relate to: fitting in, standing out and those pesky one-uppers. Wistfulness is underlined with a sense of optimism. Just take a listen to “Friends With Lofts” off of the 2009 EP Calling You Out.

Netherfriends – Friends with Lofts by The Wounded Jukebox

While in the whale, Rosenblatt was accompanied by a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist who played everything from the keyboards to a metal pipe. Not only is their sound catchy and energetic but that Midwest charm prevailed when Rosenblatt talked about his transient lifestyle. Life on the road turned inspirational when he decided to write 50 songs for 50 states. The rules are simple. Tour across the United States and create a song only after crossing the state line. This project began in April and in late October Rosenblatt had penned for 30 states.

Interested to get into their heads? Read the blog.

There was only one downside to the show. The bar requested Netherfriends to “play quietly” as not to disturb the residents neighboring the bar. While this didn’t distract from the experience (it was still damn good), it did leave me wondering just how raucous they could be. Playing at the Dudelocker, you should see exactly what this band is capable of doing.

Netherfriends – "Worean Kar" by NoCorrectWay,Inc

In the end I made a few discoveries. Netherfriends can fill a space with sound and positive energy even when asked to use inside voices. After hearing the showcase months ago, their albums Calling You Out (2009) and Barry and Sherry (2010) still frequent my playlist. I attribute this to their relatable music that captures the sentiments of my generation. And Googling images for “dudelocker Columbus” leads to some very interesting results.



[Emergency Umbrella]

51NbA3aAODL._SS500_ [Buy Barry and Sherry]



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