Little Dragon: Blinking Pigs EP


Finally, an excuse to gush more about Sweden’s Little Dragon; one of the more fantastic bands I discovered last year.  Their 2009 Machine Dreams is a record you can throw all your hopes and faith into, and it will still surprise/woo/stupify/hamstring you.  ‘Nuff said.  But a new EP was released this year that highlights songs from the record in the form of remixes.  The new Blinking Pigs EP takes four of the stellar tracks (plus a revisit to “Blinking Pigs”) and warps/wraps them in different environments.  “Never Never’s” choppy throb becomes a hopping spiky blob under Sbtrkt’s guidance.  And Fromwood takes the vocals of Yukimi Nagano and isolates them in canyons and caves with his remix of “Feather”.  The others are just as fresh too.

The true treat of this EP is really the opportunity to discover or re-discover Little Dragon’s flexibility and the round corners they wrap you around.  They have a very curvaceous audio quality, and it’s a great listen.

Little Dragon – Never Never (Sbtrkt Remix) by Dewse

Feather (Little Dragon) – Fromwood Remix by Fromwood

The gem-encrusted piranha hike of a video for “Blinking Pigs” is a wonder too.  Espy the lighting tricks.

Fantastic perfomance w/Gorillaz on Letterman.  Yukimi Nagano guests on “Empire Ants” in this year’s Plastic Beach. Oh the strings!!!

[Official Website]


415PIMxOGnL._SS500_ [Buy the Blinking Pigs EP]



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