Lia Ices: “Daphne”


The second record from recent Jagjaguwar signee Lia Ices is coming (Grown Unknown 1/25/11).  The wonderful hybrid ballad “Daphne” ft. additional vocals from Justin Vernon of Bon Iver is the second single released in preparation.  Put simply, I would give my life to keep this woman healthy and singing.  There has never been another woman as magical since Kate.

Within “Daphne”…

0:00-0:06 can be a lazy slow-motion fall into a pile of leaves.

0:07-0:48 can be hesitant steps within a sunlight forest.

0:49-1:10 can be birds and deer crossing a wanderer’s path.

1:14-1:15 can be brother bear growling.

1:16-1:55 can be a wood opening.

1:57-2:36 can be a secret kingdom revealed.

2:41-5:20 can be 40 years of rule in an instant/a long relationship ending.

“Daphne” by Lia Ices by jagjaguwar

It is relentless.

Also from the upcoming Grown Unknown:

Lia Ices – “Grown Unknown” by OctopusWindmill

[Apartment Daytime Recital]

[Official Website]




516eydrI-0L._SS500_[Buy the Daphne Single]



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