The Rural Alberta Advantage: “Stamp”

From the moment I first spun The Rural Alberta Advantage’s 2009 album Hometowns, I knew I had found a band I’d love forever. Then I saw them live a few months later, and I was even more smitten. So I have been keeping a watchful eye on the interwebs for news of the band’s followup. This nugget from that forthcoming record — titled Departing and being released March 1 on Saddle Creek Records — makes me so happy I could burst.

Paul Banwatt’s ridiculously good percussion? It’s there. Nils Edenloff’s unmistakable, signature nasal-whine vocals? In full effect. And the band’s gift for rocking out at blazing speed? Oh it’s there as well. The news of a new single, downloadable for the small price of an email address, first broke over at Pitchfork this morning.

For what I thought about Hometowns and RAA, read here or here. Oh yeah, and here. One more time? Okay here.

Another gem I’ve included here is a song that anyone who has seen the band live has probably heard. They do a fantastic job of covering “Eye of the Tiger.” Check out both below. Thanks to the good people over at Chromewaves for that one.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp by The Wounded Jukebox

[Go here to download “Stamp” for an email address]


[RAA Site]

[Saddle Creek]


The Rural Alberta Advantage – Eye Of The Tiger by The Wounded Jukebox

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place by The Wounded Jukebox



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  1. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Stamp (Single) | PhotogMusic

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