Lightning Love: Cheerful Uppercuts

Lightning Love

There’s really no need to harness your inner child anymore, Lightning Love can do that for you.  Their sound brings a school play to mind; with elementary school children reading lines and singing songs written by someone much older.    Lightning Love is simultaneously adorable and poignant, confessing wide-eyed about boys and fears, but with some profanity and through stories about peeing down elevator shafts.  The Michigan band met initially through their first band, Minor Planets, later deciding to form their own in 2007.  Their very first record November Birthday (2008) was both self-recorded and self-produced, but they later signed to Michigan label Quite Scientific Records, which gave it a wider release in 2009. The whole thing clocks in 26 minutes, which in just enough time to jog a few miles, blowing off steam and commiserating in the relatable stories vocalist Leah Diehl chirps.  It’s a fun listen from a young band.

Lightning Love – Girls Are Always Wrong by The Wounded Jukebox

Lightning Love – Friends by The Wounded Jukebox

Lightning Love – Warmer Days Ahead by The Wounded Jukebox


[Quite Scientific Records]

6120sOwS8BLYou can buy November Birthday here.


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