Iron & Wine: Kiss Each Other Clean

Back in the day, when Matt invited me on his radio show, I always wanted to listen to Iron & Wine, Sun Kil Moon, and anyone else that sounded like them. I downloaded Elliott Smith’s entire collection as well. That was definitely a phase. Not to say that I don’t still love this music, but that’s certainly not all I listen to.

Now Sam Beam and Iron & Wine is back, with a January 25th release date for Kiss Each Other Clean. Two songs have leaked — “Biting Your Tail,” and  “Summer In Savannah” — giving us a glance inside the sound of the new album. He seems to be trying something new, with electronic backings, and even a little jazzy sax. If these songs are any indication, I’m excited to hear the rest. Make sure to watch them perform the whole CD live on here .



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