Lady Lamb The Beekeeper: “Between Two Trees”

photo by Shervin Lainezhttp//

There is something undeniably alluring about Aly Spaltro, particularly when she has her electric guitar slung over her shoulder. Spaltro is the creative force behind Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, and what a force she is. She’s from Maine, and she released Mammoth Swoon in 2010 to little fanfare. But let me tell you, Spaltro should be getting a lot more attention.

The lead song we offer here, “Between Two Trees”, displays both the gravel and smoke that waft in and out of Spaltro’s impressive pipes. There is not much more to this slow burn of a song than Spaltro and her electric strumming. But in companion with the video, “Between Two Trees” really draws the listener in. Lyrically, it has all the punch that a tale from a jilted, obsessive lover should. These words float over whispers and strums in a haunting fashion:

The more you give me, the more I love you. The more I love you, the less you give. Are you a predator? Are you a huntress? Are you just a girl? Or are you some sort of bird — some bird turned lioness? I will bury you between two trees. I will bury you with me.

It’s chilling and captivating at the same time. That’s something special.

The second song shows off Spaltro’s chops on the banjo AND the harmonica! It was the first single from Mammoth Swoon. Check out a cool video of her performing “Almond Colored Sheets”, from the wonderful people at Sleepover Shows.

And lastly, a video of Spaltro performing a cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”. It’s a cover of First Aid Kit’s version of the Fleet Foxes track.

[Buy the album at Bandcamp]


[Official site]



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