Wildlife: “When I Get Home”

A lot of times, when I discover a new band, the first thing I do when listening to their music is try to picture what the live show would be like. With Toronto-based Wildlife, I pictured a loud, sweaty mass of musicians onstage and a whole lot of awesome guitar licks penetrating my eardrums. That’s because this fivesome brings it — the energy, the fun, the volume and of course the toe-tapping tunes. Even the slower songs are still packed with gusto.

The vocals and sound here are somewhat reminiscent of Wildlife’s Canadian elders Wolf Parade, who just happened to be my most pleasant live-show surprise of 2010. The first time through the tracks I sampled from Wildlife, I realized my ears weren’t prepared for their brand of shredding and shouting. Make no mistake, these songs are melodic and have some artful, subtle touches, but what ultimately makes Wildlife stand out is their energy and passion. They have that in spades, to be sure.

Wildlife – Stand in the Water by auteurresearch

Wildlife – When I Get Home by auteurresearch


[Buy Strike Hard, Young Diamond on Bandcamp]



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  1. #1 by Mr. Shuffleupagus on January 20, 2011 - 2:46 PM

    If I used the phrase “Band to Watch”, I would use it on Wildlife:

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