Way Yes: “Walkability”

Way back in the summer of 2010, I saw Way Yes for the first time at a place called the Dude Locker in Columbus, OH. They were one of the many good acts that opened for Jookabox that night, and I was drawn to their quirky brand of island rhythm-infused indie rock. They sounded like the shy, awkward musical cousin of Vampire Weekend, and I was pleased they came from my home city.

I met Glenn Davis, the lead singer of Way Yes, at that show. Turns out, he’s a nice dude. And now his band will take the local opener slot at The Basement in Columbus at a show this Friday that headlines with Oberhofer and includes Cloud Nothings as well. Were I not cursed with second-shift work hours (yes, even on Fridays), I would be attending the show. Because by the sound of their two EPs, July 2010’s Johanna and last month’s Walkability, these guys are finding a cool, groovy sound of their own.

Also, Cloud Nothings, with their energetic fuzz rock, are one of those “bands to watch” we always hear about, with a new album dropping Jan. 25. And Oberhofer, aka Brad Oberhofer, creates soulful indie rock that will stick in your head. All in all, should be a great show.

Anywho, the aforementioned Glenn Davis was nice enough to pass along a remix the band did of Oberhofer’s “Dead Girls Dance.” It’s a pretty entertaining spin on an already-intriguing original. So download that, along with a few other goodies below.

Oh, and hit up the Columbus show on Friday if you can. If you’re nowhere near Columbus, enjoy the tunes. Or check out some of these bands’ other tour dates.

Oberhofer – “Dead Girls Dance (WAY YES Remix)” by The Wounded Jukebox

Way Yes: [MySpace] [Official site]

Cloud Nothings: [MySpace]

Oberhofer: [MySpace]


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