24 Women to Watch in 2011 (Part 2)

Females of 2011

Welcome to Part 2 of our Women to Watch list!  We’re continuing to single out some great/new talent from around the world that (we firmly believe) shall make 2011 aurally wonderful for us all.  If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here.  Let’s dive right in!  In no particular order; but Roses first.

15. Lucy Rose


Growing up with sheep is not easy.  Just ask English countryside veteran Lucy Rose.  After training herself to play piano, drums, saxophone, guitar and percussion in her basement retreat, she ran away to the rich musical land of London at the age of 19.  And she’s well on her way, getting remixed and contributing vocals on quite a few records in 2010.  We first heard of her through her wonderful gift to Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Flaws.”  Lucy Rose’s voice makes things more honest somehow, smoothing the wrinkles of dilapidated emotion and presenting the pearl of a moment.

16. Caitlin Rose


Twang, grit and sordid stories of love flow much too easily from Nashville resident Caitlin Rose.  But with a mother that writes Country songs and a father that markets and sells the same, the heart of city seeps into you.  At only 23 she’s already fronted and departed a band, set a fantastic EP loose upon the world (stream Dead Flowers free here) and has a full-length under her belt.  Most unfairly, her new record Own Side Now (Thirty Tigers Records) has been released in the UK/Europe where she’s touring right now, but isn’t set for the U.S. until March 15th.  It’ll be grand when it lands, but until then, enjoy a small preview.

17. Lia Ices


It’s pure coincidence that Lia Ices has a new record coming out this January (25th), because we would be singing her praises and directing your gaze to her anyway.  Her 2008 Necima was a blue Jazz of wonder.  It’s a walk through frost covered lilies; beautiful with touches of the night.  TWJ highly recommends it.  Now, the Brooklyn camper has been signed to the great Jagjaguwar label and looks to sing her sooths for a larger audience with Grown Unknown, the drips of which, have been very sweet.  See them gathered under.

18. Alex Winston


For someone who caught ears with amazing covers of Mumford and Sons, Jack Penate and Rolling Stone songs, her own sound is really quite distinctive.  If ever there was youth and vigor trapped in a mason jar, it’s personification would be Alex Winston.  And if ever we were to go skipping and swinging arms merrily, it would be with her voice in our ears.  As rare as that scene will ever be, it’s the flavor of her music; done with all instruments hopping and mouth corners rising.  She takes a lot of inspiration from Motown and past glitters, and we think you’ll dive right in with her.  With an EP and a 7” under her belt (The Basement Covers and Choice Notes respectively) and a Mini-LP titled “Sister Wife” on it’s way, 2011 seems to be Alex Winston’s year.

Download “Sister Wife” at the great Brooklyn Vegan blog here.

19. Florrie

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Here’s where our gender shows a little, because to men, there’s just something about a woman drumming that’s…intriguing?  No.  Alluring.  Florrie (or Florrie Arnold to her Mother) is foremost a drummer, since the age of 7, she says, secondly a singer and thirdly a French perfume model.  The evolution is natural, or at least it seems so for the London resident, who gained much attention last year by releasing songs and remixes by folks such as Fred Falke for free and shot straight up afterwords.  Her appropriately titled EP, Introduction, was just recently released, and already has great acclaim as being an example of outstanding Pop.  And you can even download THAT for free too, at her website.

20. Keren Ann

Keren Ann keren1bw

Oh Keren Ann, what a past you have.  You were a child in Israel and the Netherlands, moved to France when you were 11, and then grew up to make, write, compose and score music in multiple languages and settings.  Besides creating the music for an entire European television channel and penning choral arrangements, Ann is known for the “gentle strength” she shows throughout her 5 solo records, the newest of which titled 101 (EMI Records) will be released this February 28th.  It shows a remarkable shift from her past efforts, which showcased an almost echoing, isolationist mentality. Via the latest single “My Name is Trouble,” we can see her stretching and shifting her weight in faster tempos and backing synths.  As a longtime fan, it’s an exciting move to see, and we’re looking forward to her proclamations.

21. Misty Miller


Maybe it isn’t the age of young artists that surprises us, but the speed at which they’re presented to the world, their self-assurance is unexpectedly bold and unnerving.  At 16, Misty Miller is simultaneously calming and charming, as much as a tea and home videos are.  She uses a Ukulele given to her as a YOUNGER girl (14!), and sings songs about loving vampires and Wild Things.  I’m personally not sure what this means, but she was named a Voguette (it’s good right?) by Vogue magazine, but there’s a very nice video piece on her there.  Simply put, Miller’s music is “pure and charming.” Her EP Remember (Awal Recordings) is currently available on iTunes and she’s releasing her very first LP on Valentines Day (*couFeb. 14thgh*) with another hot on its heels.  Check out her site here.

22. Julianna Barwick


There are no words to go with the songs of Julianna Barwick, only waves and waves of lull and tide.  She starts with an utterance and loops and builds upon it until you’d swear you’re in a church filled with spirits.  And because there are no words, her music allows your own emotion and thought to take the reins, until when you recollect, the song is yours.  For example, Barwick’s Daytrotter Session of “Untitled” is something I’ll take to the grave because throughout the song, I actually started reminiscing about grade school and this one girl that I fancied.  When a song allows you to REMEMBER things rather than seek a translation, it’s really something special.  Through an EP (Florine – Florid Recordings) and an album (Sanguine – Self-Released), she’s crafted the art of the wordless into just that, art.  Her first major label release for The Magic Place (Asthmatic Kitty Records) is set for February 22nd.  The title track, which was featured on a recent mix of ours, is a great indicator of just how magical it will be.

23. Fallulah


Copenhagen native Maria Apetri was born to Balkan dancers for parents.  She spent much of her childhood traveling with/soaking in Balkan tradition and music.  So when I say Fallulah’s music is tribal and rhythmic, you’ll understand where it comes from.  After a Broadway dance stint, she retreated back to Denmark to follow a musical path, and lordy are grateful.  It’s wonderful and lovely.  Big thanks goes to Aurgasm for alerting us to her.  For some reason I really feel like sharing her music videos with you, instead of rambling on.  So please watch this (color?), this (Judy Garland?) and that (banana?).  The Fallulah premiere, Black Cat Neighborhood (Sony), if import traditions hold, is set to hit our shores this year.

24. The Good Natured


Sarah McIntosh flies under the banner of The Good Natured, creating black rainbow blends of Pop/Electronica that would best serve a female heart that has a bit of anger-glazed shame in it.  That said, I find it wonderful.  Even if I’m the secondary audience of the bunch, her music still commiserates the angst of tough days and the night drives after terrible dates.  TGN, at age 17, just finished touring in England and begins in Sweden soon, writing songs all along the way.  A new demo, days young, was just posted, and you can catch it below.  Through her two EPs, Warriors and Your Body Is A Machine (Both Self-Released), she’s generated enough buzz to tour on the strength of them alone.  You can stream a whole slew of her music, including some well-done remixes here.

Thanks for reading!  We hope you’ll come back to TWJ for more coverage of these artists and all the ones that’ll surprise us throughout the year!


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  1. #1 by yis on January 14, 2011 - 4:44 PM

    I like the artists in part 2 more than the ones in part one. Lia Ices’ album is great, and some other I didn’t know have an interesting sound. Great list anyway :).

    • #2 by The Wounded Jukebox on January 15, 2011 - 1:47 PM

      Honest, therefore appreciated. Thank you Yis. Did you ever make your Desert Island disc?

  2. #3 by Allison Rizk on January 15, 2011 - 4:00 PM

    I love love LOVE your site and have been preparing to shoplift many of your suggestions for my site! 😉 One annoying thing – I can’t download a lot of it immediately b/c they aren’t released yet. I’m afraid I’ll forget by its release! Either way, great job on your posts. Keep them coming! Great format and solid writing!


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