Moment of Verse: The House Floor – “All Aboard/MLWR (LOL!)”


The House Floor – All Aboard/MLWR (LOL!) by The Wounded Jukebox

i should have died there, with my happiness…
the changes it made are permanent…

i’ve got two windows in my little wooden room
and they let the sunlight in & that kisses my depression away
at least until the night, and then i am obsessed again

i watched the ash come down and cover our sacred grasses
collected offerings of pity from the privileged masses
and, uh uh uh oh…
also, an unhealthy respect for our lack of gun control

huh huh, bang bang

but just one look at me, at my skin, the class that i am in
and you say i should be so thankful for my capacity…
to be shocked and appalled when blood flows outside the vein

and no, my streets aren’t rough, they never have been so
and yes, the camera man eats up our misfortune like a new vitamin
that you won’t ever taste, ’cause this paradigm, it does just fine
with a Goya fake and a Superdome full of the drenched and the displaced

huh huh, bang bang
glock and load, kids! they know where you live!
and there’s nowhere you can hide….

i want to be healthy for
the day my kids grow old
when their minds are microchips and their hearts are cold
and maybe that’s not fair
i know i’ve always been…
so incredibly incredulous
but i really do have faith in my fellow man
’cause when we to move to Mars i’ll be president
strong levees and a Prius for everyone!

yeah, you lol now, but i’m actually really fucking serious…

32("three-two") balloons….
and not one of them was you.
i don’t want to be good all the time
i don’t want it to be my fault
i just want to take some notes and not get shot
but i guess that’s too much to ask
to sip the spirits of
this precious life that i lead and love
and to think it’s that simple
that there’s no price to pay
oh now, i’m throwing up in the alleyway
oh no, i need to lie down…
it’s the safest place i know…

Warship_The_House_FloorTaken from Warship (Sound/Friends)

Download the whole Record here.



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