Penguin Prison: Lock Steps


Cleverly codenamed “Aquariums,” there are places where you must pet the inmates with only two fingers: Penguin Prison.  But in this case, it’s also a foray into the electronica atmosphere by a North American man named Chris Glover.  If you have built in dancing shoes, you’ve just met your greatest excuse to use ‘em.  Though Glover calls New York home base, he’s been jumping across Europe, stopping to visit his many fans in England especially.  He’s become quite a go-to-guy for hit song remixes there.  And it’s deserved because this guy can sense the way a song can be rolled out and expanded.  Stupid, stupid looks of Carlton Banks type happiness flit across my face when I listen to “The Worse It Gets.”  And when “Something I’m Not” comes on, the colored spotlights of rhythm force you to close the eyes and nod your head in rapid succession.  If that’s not enough, Glover’s wonderful “Golden Train” blends Michael Jackson’s 1978 “Working Day and Night” into a seamless sidewalk exchange.  Double the lighted squares.  I know once I make this comparison, I’ll regret it, but it’s become stuck in my head and it won’t get out.  Chris Glover is a newer, better Justin Timberlake, with a better sense for Pop and meaningful lyrics that make sense the 1st time around.  It’s all just really well crafted music for every day of the week.  His catalogue includes a small EP (Animal Animal-SR) and a brand new Golden Train EP, which includes a full plate of remixes from folks like Chad Valley and Jakwob.  Rumors say to expect a full-length album of great magnitude from Penguin Prison sometime mid-year.

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