Tristen: “Cheatin”

I first heard Tristen referred to as “a gal from Nashville” who I ought to know. And after listening to the songs from her current 7-inch and forthcoming LP Charlatans At The Garden Gate (out Feb. 1), I feel like that is the perfect description. There’s something distinctly American and genuine about the way Tristen, born Tristen Gaspaderek, sings her tales of loss and love. Her accompaniment — guitar and drums, some tambourine or the occasional string swell — never gets in the way of that voice, which is reminiscent of oldies crooners and yet manages to make its own impression.

While she grew up Illinois, Tristen moved to Nashville when she decided to pursue her singing career. It clearly had an effect, as these songs are as country as they are charming. But to me, the appeal is universal. Check her out.

(Album art for Charlatans At The Garden Gate)

Tristen – Cheatin by The Wounded Jukebox

Tristen – Baby Drugs by AmericanMythRecordings

Tristen – Eager For Your Love by AmericanMythRecordings

Download her entire 7-inch for free here!

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