Braids: Native Speaker

BTW-Braids I’m really excited about this Montreal via Calgary band, so I’d like to share them with you.  Formerly known as The Neighborhood Council, the move to big city Québec brought some big changes for the band: a name change to Braids and an excellent shift in style.  One that explores its space and includes every inkling that give it birth.  They have a wonderfully fresh start to enjoy, especially since their debut full-length comes out TODAY (Jan, 18th, 2011)!  Native Speaker offers seven tracks, some stretching into the eight minute mark thankfully, that burst with the loveliest of tiny touches and the highest of feelings (the bonus version via iTunes includes two remixes by Teen Daze and Morgan Greenwood).  A round trip-road trip from home to the sunset will suit this album just fine, and surf the memories along the tips of your brain for years afterwards.  There are moments where lead vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s delivery reminds me of Joanna Newsom (see “Plath Heart”), Bjork (“Lammicken”) and love (see: the rest).  It’s great great stuff, give it a listen!

Braids – Lemonade by rebecca_schiller

Braids – Plath Heart by morrisday

Here’s a neat little interview with the ladies of the band:

61PmgQclNWL._SS500_ (Native Speaker is out 1/18/11 via Kanine Records)

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