Junk Culture: “Weird Teenage Vibes”

Junk Culture, aka Deepak Mantena, finds inspiration for his tunes via a collection of sounds and words he’s captured on a handheld recorder. So it’s no surprise that his songs often end up sounding like a scrapbook of synths and clicks and clacks, patched together to make some vibrant and energetic tunes. It’s also not shocking that he cites Caribou and Animal Collective as influences, as Mantena’s music sounds like it could’ve been made by those groups’ snarky but earnest younger brother.

“Weird Teenage Vibes” is sort of like advice mixed with a sarcasm-laced perspective on relationships. If that special lady is the one you want, “you lock that down, be a grown-up and be what you want.” Mantena says. And embrace the “weird teenage vibrations” that come with sleeping next to someone you love. It’s a sly, awkward message, and it’s delivered in a slow-burning, synthesized package.

The second track we offer here, “Summer Friends”, is the title track from JC’s forthcoming EP (Out Feb. 1). It’s a slightly faster — but still electronic — and slightly kookier track. He’s touring with another mentor, Girl Talk, beginning late next month. Enjoy both tracks below!

Junk Culture – Weird Teenage Vibes by The Wounded Jukebox

Junk Culture – Summer Friends by The Wounded Jukebox

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