Video!: She & Him: “Don’t Look Back”

In the 1950s, people thought that by now, we’d be living in colonies on the moon — manicuring lawns and frying up burgers with our space helmets on inside some magical, domed city, all with a wonderful view of the Earth.

She & Him have a throwback, retro vibe to be sure. And their videos are usually fun and include lots of wonderful dancing and plenty of closeups of the beautiful Zooey Deschanel. Their new video for “Don’t Look Back” is a cutesy play on all those old-school filmstrips we’ve seen heralding the “world of tomorrow!”. The wardrobe and set pieces — both of which are charming  — are certainly from decades gone by (70s seems like the closest match), and they’re playfully transposed onto a “futuristic” sterile background.

A hologram M. Ward and cloning machines that make Zooey backup singers are mixed with funky cartoonish technology, and Z’s friend arrives to her barbecue on a cumbersome jetpack. The whole tone of the video, including the wonderful dance number at the end, is lighthearted and fun. And it’s worth checking out for the simplicity of the song as well. You can do so below.

She & Him – Don’t Look Back by voxmood

Connect to She & Him: [MySpace]  [Official Site]  [Buy Volume Two on iTunes]



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