Treefight for Sunlight: “Facing the Sun”

tffsl I fall in love with every girl I see in Ikea.  Somehow, wandering that same circuitous route through the carefully laid out rooms of domestic bliss causes a bonding to occur.  Seeing them through the Blomsters and Borrbies, passing them in the light of the Kvarts and Rutbos; something happens and I know we are meant to marry.  It’s the same for every Scandinavian band I come across.  Their slight accents make the best ear candy that flavors everything they do.  There’s a special quality about musicians that choose to sing in a foreign language, and succeed so well in it.  The new Danish quartet Treefight for Sunlight are a bright reminder of just how great Pop music can be.  Their name refers, I think, to the slow and constant battle for plants in a forest to out-grow one another so they can be higher and closer to the sun.  A metaphor for life?  Maybe, but their song “Facing the Sun” is the happiest piece of fun you’ll come across.  Loads of harmonies and extra-ordinary percussive backgrounds are the pogo stick to your brother’s dare: see how many times you can jump.  It’s a great tune for the child in you.  I guess what I’m really trying to say is, Treefight for Sunlight, will you buy a Grimen with me?



A cover with fellow Danes Chimes & Bells of Beach House’s “Zebra”:

After working on it for 3 years, Treefight for Sunlight released their debut record: A Collection of Vibrations for Your Skull via Tambourhinoceros Records in 2010.  Recently though, they have signed to the fantastic UK label Bella Union, and are touring with The Walkmen.  We can expect a self-titled re-release from these guys February 14th.

508(The ST release will be available 2/14/11 via Bella Union Records)

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