The Hit Back: “Me And The Kid”

The Hit Back are a pair of twenty-somethings from Chicago. The duo already have a knack for creating charming songs powered by a variety of clicks and clacks, buzzes and hums. The base for most of the songs on the band’s debut LP Who Are These Weird Old Kids are either strummed guitar parts (both acoustic and electric) or a variety of keyboard samples.

“Me And The Kid” grabs the listener’s attention right away with an interesting, repetitious sample that continues in one form another for virtually the whole song. Layers of keyboard and percussion are added and lead vocalist Jesse Hanabarger capably croons over the whole tapestry. Those percussion elements you hear are provided by the other half of The Hit Back, Seth Weidmann.

The vibe on “Me And The Kid” is heartfelt and chill, and the song is skillfully crafted from the get-go. The rest of the album is worth checking out as well, and can be streamed in its entirety or purchased in digital form on the duo’s bandcamp site. Physical copies will be available on March 15 through Sidedown Audio. They call it electroacoustic pop. We call it enjoyable listening. Download “Me And The Kid” below!

Who Are These Weird Old Kids Cover Art

The Hit Back – Me and the Kid by The Wounded Jukebox

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