The Low Anthem: “Ghost Woman Blues”


Sometimes we bloggers take music for granted.  We forget that the words and feelings behind a song or an album are born from real things that have shaped an artist’s life.  A torn relationship isn’t just a break-up when the person had a name and a face and a being you loved.  From their forthcoming album, The Low Anthem release “Ghost Woman Blues”: a track that single handedly reminds me that songs are not just pieces of meat to grade, but memories and glances audiolized.  The Providence, Rhode Island quartet (who are touring with Iron & Wine in April) tend to do this very well.  Immediate mood permeates the whole track and it doesn’t let up, gripping with harmonies and a shameless Clarinet solo.  I played Clarinet when I was little, and I could never make it sound this good.  Well played Jocie Adams, and well done TLA.  Album number 3: Smart Flesh will be released February 22nd from Nonesuch Records.

The Low Anthem, Smart Flesh – "Ghost Woman Blues" by foundations

You can download the song for the price of an email, at their website:


I’m hoping they find some more exciting album art soon.

low-anthem-smart-flesh-sq (Smart Flesh will be available 2/22/11 from Nonesuch)

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