The Go! Team: “Buy Nothing Day” (ft. Bethany Cosentino)

tumblr_lezl7tzd1G1qgp5v3o1_500 The group I’d love to soundtrack my funeral procession mire themselves in mirth and push a stranger to the forefront for their latest single from Rolling Blackout (Stream Free HERE): “Buy Nothing Day.”  The Go! Team are best known for their extremely high energy raucous bits that sound best behind a 1980’s candy-rainbow-filled children’s show as the credits roll.  They play it loose and fill it with fuzz and backtrack shine.  But on this new song, the typical gang of children have been scrapped, and guest Bethany Cosentino (of Best Coast) has been given the run of the place.  Her vocals are loud and proud, twirling in stellar bass, cymbal stars and proper guitar rhythms.  It’s all decent and fun and unexpected from the host UK super glam power.  Not to say that it isn’t quite the best jam of 2011 thus far.  Because it could possibly be just THAT.

The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day by thegoteam

Stream the whole garsh darn album free HERE61vwlaad8wL._SS500_(Rolling Blackout will be out 2/01/11 via Memphis Industries)

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