Hot Club de Paris: “Free The Pterodactyl 3”

I’m not sure why, but my most immediate reaction upon hearing new music is to find another song or a band to compare the freshly introduced tunes to. Might be a common thing, rooted in wanting to make the unfamiliar familiar, to feel comfortable with a stranger. With Hot Club de Paris track “Free The Pterodactyl 3”, a few bands jumped to mind immediately.

First, the clear British accent and low register of the vocals recall Noah And The Whale’s Charlie Fink, as do the wonderful jangly guitars and solid repeated melody remind me of NATW’s early stuff. The sing-along bridge and chorus and the intermittent group-singing reminded me of Los Campesinos! And then I thought of The Proclaimers, for some reason. Forget that last one, probably.

This is not to say that Hot Club de Paris is purely derivative. Lyrically, they are whimsical and bright, and the chorus backing vocals that chime in are a nice touch near the song’s middle and end. The chimes throughout, the handclaps and the crashing cymbal drums — they all make the song distinct and wonderful. And the video is cool as well! Check both out below.

Hot Club de Paris – Free The Pterodactyl 3 by The Wounded Jukebox

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  1. #1 by james on January 28, 2011 - 6:09 AM

    proper love hot club de paris..

    check out: I wasn’t being heartless when I said your favourite song lacked heart!

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