Video: Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers”

Lykke Li

It’s been a bit of a January for Stockholm’s Lykke Li.  She’s released three videos and added two remixes to the pile of things sliding down to her second LP release.  Her brand new videos (one animated, the other hunting) for her newest single, “I Follow Rivers” offer some continued insight into what the mindset of the forthcoming album might be like.  And it is this: ALL MEN SHOULD RUNNNNNNNNRUNNNN.  “Get Some” let us know Li’s arms were wide open, but after an embrace might come your head being wrenched off.  “I Follow Rivers,” beginning with its Polish rhythms, speaks sweet nothings of following you anywhere, but the tone of the song lets us know she means ANYWHERE: into the toilet, on your big interview and on ALL your dates.  She’ll be the one in the corner booth, hiding her glares behind a menu.  She can’t/won’t let go.  A man runs.  She follows dressed as death.  A man gives up.  She stares you DOWWWN.  Turns out you can’t run from Lykke Li.  But it’s a powerful song; simple in the expression but pointy sharp in the message, so you won’t want to escape.  Wounded Rhymes, which was produced by Bjorn Yttling, follows and catches you on March 1st, 2011.


Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers by Brian Gaffey

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) by LykkeLi

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix) by LykkeLi

Lykke_Li_Wounded_Rhymes_cover (Wounded Rhymes is released 3/01/11 via LL Recordings/Warner)

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