The Cave Singers: No Witch

The First thing that strikes me about No Witch are the rock songs.  I started liking The Cave Singers after hearing “Summer Light,” a catchy, authentic, folk song.  They continue to have songs like this on the new albums, but also expand to southern-rock territory.  The lead singer, Pete Quirk lends his unique and raspy voice well to this type of music.  Songs like “No Persecution If We Bail” remind me of original, raw Black Keys songs, or even some CCR in songs like “Haystacks.”  My favorites are still their softer folk songs like “All Land Crabs And Divinity Ghosts,” “Gifts and The Raft” and “Distant Sures.”  Overall, there really aren’t any songs on the CD that I don’t like. It’s a solid album.

The Cave Singers are a staple of the Seattle folk circuit.  Their new album, No Witch, is due out February 22nd.

The Cave Singers – Gifts and The Raft

The Cave Singers – Swim Club

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  1. #1 by toomim on January 28, 2011 - 4:49 PM

    i love you glenn
    thanks for keeping the music feed coming

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