Fossil Collective: “When Frank Became An Orb”

The Fossil Collective

In my dreams I’ve hopped over rivers of paper and run forever on a landscape of butter, but I’ve never become an orb. It takes a certain amount of faith to allow one’s self to dematerialize and float on up and around the skies. But with the liquid/wordless harmonies and the lazy drift of guitar and drum, Fossil Collective create a rainbow highway for souls to fly upon with “When Frank Became An Orb.” It begins with shock-inducing vocals, ends with cottage organs and has nothing but white, white clouds between. The home-studio-duo from UK is formed of multi-instrumentalists David Fendick and Jonny Hooker, both former members of Vib Gyor. Check out Fossil Collective’s new Honey Slides EP, which also features “On & On:” a track whose video we featured a little while back.

Fossil Collective – When Frank Became an Orb by The Wounded Jukebox

Fossil Collective – On and On by jonny-6

Honey Slides EP (The Honey Slides EP is available via Take Aim Fire)

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