Mitten: See You Bye

And on the day you rise way too early after a late night, there shall be the perfect music to soothe and comfort your raging sense of the injustice of it all.  The Brooklyn angels of Mitten know exactly what needs to be done to shake off the jitters: a bit of the tap of the foot and a tad of the dancing naked in your room.  The music they make constitutes giant jello pools, full of wonderful flavors and textures.  And there’s room for it in your ears, no matter what may have happened the night before.  Their debut EP, See You Bye, is a wonderful whirl/blur of hair and hoodie strings, exemplifying what Indie Pop should be; fun, but with a deep lyricism behind it.  The 6 song short player is full of highlights, with “Cavalcade” hitting me the hardest, right where my hearty hushed whisper of a conscience has been poring into for ages.  And “All I’ve Got” sets a rhythm into deep grooves, skipping and skidding along after a fading figure.  The self recorded/produced/mixed See You Bye is a wonderful showcase from the trio in the city.  Mitten makes music with one bare hand on their heart, and the other, defiant, in the night air.  Give it a listen.

Mitten – Cavalcade by The Wounded Jukebox

Mitten – Similar Sense by The Wounded Jukebox


(The See You Bye EP is available now)

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