The Last Royals: “Backseat Lovers”

When last we checked in with Ooh La La Recordings, it was to give you a taste of the wonderful Pittsburgh band 1,2,3. The label’s newest project is New York duo The Last Royals, and once again the melodies are bouncy and the energy is at full tilt.

The reverbed-out, fuzzy keyboards and jangly guitar of “Backseat Lovers” nearly gloss over the rather jaded and heartbroken lyrics. It’s a tale of how fake and fleeting love in the big city can be, and yet it’s done with such soul and charisma that it’s impossible not to nod your head and tap your toe along with the music.

The Last Royals’ EP was released late last year. You can download “Backseat Lovers” below and stream “Crystal Vases” — another indie-pop gem — as well.

The Last Royals – Backseat Lovers by The Wounded Jukebox

The Last Royals – Crystal Vases by The Wounded Jukebox

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