The Sorry Kisses: “Sunstorms”

I find myself comparing this rifftastic song from The Sorry Kisses to bands like Hole, The Breeders or even Dressy Bessy as long as we’re playing this game. The group is a side project of Sam Forrest from Nine Black Alps, teamed with the excellent girl-rock voice of Hayley Hutchinson.

The group’s formula isn’t complicated: shred and reverb, echo Hutchinson’s killer vocals and provide soaring guitar harmonies. Basically, they rock hard, and this song “Sunstorms” is a wonderful example of the band’s new LP Keep Smiling, which comes out next month. Their sound has some nice variation to it, which can be sampled on their bandcamp page.

I imagine their live shows would kick ass as well — awfully loud and very fun.

The band actually has five members, but Forrest and Hutchinson are the engine that drives the rockin’ train. They are from York, England, and they list the No. 1 fact about themselves as “We like cheese.” They also apparently grow potatoes. Alright enough — rock out to “Sunstorms”.

The Sorry Kisses – Sunstorms by The Wounded Jukebox

Keep Smiling Cover Art

[Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Artist site]


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