Yuck: “Georgia”

If your debut album artwork looks like that (see below) and your band’s name is Yuck, there are only so many sounds that can be imagined. Something like anger-hate-joke-punk instantly comes to mind. When first hearing about the name alone a couple of months ago, I dismissed them as something I thought I would hate pretty easily.

Then, the album pops up on the daily top ten list of a site I frequent. I check the comments, which are fairly positive. I get curious and lay my ears on the closing track, “Rubber”, off of their self-titled debut album, and my face was instantly melted.

The loud, lo-fi, squealing guitars and incomprehensible raspy lyrics reminds of a mix between Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Boris, Yo La Tengo, Pixies and Pavement. Epic early 90’s rock that mattered, but didn’t care that they did. The rest of the album follows these influences closely, albeit throwing in a lot more of a pop-Sonic Youth sound, like “Georgia”, which you can also check out below.

If you like any of the bands above, or really enjoy a rough alt-rock 90’s sounding record, make sure to look out for Yuck, which will be released on February 15.

Yuck – Georgia by musicmule

Yuck – rubber by wilcow

[MySpace] [YouTube] [yuckband] [Pre-order album]



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