Introducing — Dog & Panther: “Giant Hands”

Dog & Panther are an indie electronic/folk outfit from Michigan who give off a serious Death Cab for Cutie vibe. There’s something magical about this song “Giant Hands” — with its sonic pulses, wonderful chimes, hand-tambourine flourishes, raked electric guitar and floating background vocals — and I found myself repeating it multiple times in the middle of the night.

And just where did the sounds come from for “Giant Hands”? Watch a really cool behind-the-scenes video that shows you what kind of trial and error can go into DIY, in-home recording sessions. It’s really remarkable, actually. And it made me love the song — and the band — that much more.

In addition to the Giant Hands EP, the band has a full-length entitled What Happened that you can purchase from their bancamp page.

Dog & Panther – Giant Hands by The Wounded Jukebox

Giant Hands EP Cover Art

You never told me I was pretty / You just drove the wrong way home

You never thought that I was ready / You just lied to make me whole

[Artist site]  [Bandcamp]  [Facebook]


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