Mew: Eggs Are Funny


There has NEVER been a better time to get to know Mew, the Danish Indie dream painters.  The trio has just released a retrospective album titled Eggs Are Funny (they’re decidedly not) stateside, and it features the very highest of their highlights dating all the way back, 15 years ago(!), to their amazing debut; Frengers.  If you begin to dismiss of these guys as another oddball Scandinavian band, please stop yourself, and give your brain the very best treat it will get today, and dive into the greatest Pop to come out of Denmark in the past decade.  As you listen to Mew, just the moment you think you’ve got the jist of things, there’s another turn in the song and another sweep of harmonies riding on the back of galloping bass guitars within the land of wave and warble.  They’ve been kept a remarkable secret from we foreigners, and it’s goshdarn shameful.  For me, the very second of Mew inception was the opening wallop of And The Glass Handed Kites, with the raging boulders of bass and the tunneling choir in “The Circuitry of the Wolf.” It’s as huge as a song can get, and the following pace doesn’t stop for SEVEN songs, as they blend seamlessly right into the next and the next and the next.  It was one of those musical moments that you wish you could be born anew for, so that you could experience it again with baby-fresh new ears.  Eggs Are Funny also features “Do You Love It,” a never before released song from the band, which makes you getting this album a done deal.  New Mew = soul rewarding.  Any Mew = soul fulfilling.  Nirvana ensues.  Get. This. Album..

Scroll down to stream some of their best songs and watch the amazing music videos Mew is known for!


Mew- Do you love it by LibsRodriguez

Eggs Are Funny (Eggs Are Funny is available now via Sony)

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