Super Bowl TWJ: A Mix

It is sometimes astonishing how much good music is floating around out there. We can’t possibly get to all of it, though we’d love to tell all of you about every cool band we ever heard. It’s sort of the same idea with an event like the Super Bowl. Sure, only two teams end up playing well enough to be the focus of two weeks of endless media coverage. But there are some great teams that never play for a championship. Their fanbases are awfully proud of them too. Anyway, in honor of the damn good teams not named the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers, here are some delightful tracks we haven’t shared with you yet.

We present to you, The Wounded Jukebox’s Super Bowl Mix, Side A (AFC) as well as Side B (NFC). If you have no idea what those mean, no worries: it’s not required to enjoy the tunes. All you need to do is listen!


Montpelier: “Last Boat”

Edelweiss: “(NO)”

Apex Manor: “Under The Gun”

Moon Visionaries: “The Green Room”

New Animal: “Ghost Police”

Matthew Sawyer And The Ghosts: “Myna Bird Calls”

Dum Dum Girls: “He Gets Me High”

The Mountain Goats: “Damn These Vampires”




Lucy Rose: “First (Live Acoustic)”

Liz Janes: “I Don’t Believe”

Duchess Leo: “Bloom”

The Angry Years: “Dress Yourself as Someone Dead”

Eksi Ekso: “Kills of the Flood Tide”

Modern Skirts: “Happy 81”

Monogold: “Spirit or Something”

Retraplayer: “Submarines”


Download the mix in its entirety HERE




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  1. Edelweiss: “Icarus” « The Wounded Jukebox

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