Fluffy Lumbers: Guck Garbled Good

Fluffy Lumbers with Gun

I finally finally GET Lo-Fi.  As opposed to before when I could only look at it from afar and point at all the fuzzy fuzz fuzzness of it all.  I finally GET what kind of mood you absolutely MUST be in to sink, sink down/down into the best of it.  You’re best placed in a soft arm chair with your wrinkled/wrangled work clothes still on and the utter loathing for the place you wear them already oozing out your gaping maw.  Turns out I was thinking.  You don’t think when you listen to Lo-Fi, you just…appreciate.  I really appreciate Fluffy Lumbers.  Besides having the very best name ever (yes, say it: “Fluffy Lumbers”), and besides providing my next child with his/her first and middle name, he, Samuel Franklin and Co. from New Jersey, makes some really marvelous musical art in the key of me.  Meaning, he sings about he, himself and him.  But they’re entertaining stories of guns and cars and cookbooks and SwissMiss and vacant islands and mollusks.  But words badamned, it’s more about the mood.  A 1970’s flannel wearing cork wood-sided station wagon driving with a mustache blowing in the wind kind of mood.  Ponytails if you’re a woman-kind.  So if you’re ready to judge, and point and snicker,…be off with you.  Go file and collate and delegate.  But if you’re just about ready to collapse after a day of slog, come hither to sink and wither to the fuzz of Fluffy Lumbers.

Fluffy Lumbers – Cruisers

Fluffy Lumbers – Club Molluska

Fluffy Lumbers – Cruisers Pt. 2 (Police Cruisers)

Fluffy Lumbers – Adoration







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