Introducing — Seryn: “We Will All Be Changed”

Seryn have been referred to as a folk-pop band. All I know about the quintet from Denton, Texas is that this beautiful track “We Will All Be Changed” — particularly when it bursts forth for the first time at about the 1-minute mark — stirred some serious plucking of my heartstrings. There’s some good guitar and banjo picking, some dramatic percussion and strings, even accordion. And some lovely vocal harmonizing that is awfully powerful.

“We Will All Be Changed” is the first single from Seryn’s debut record This Is Where We Are, which is being released on previously unknown-to-me indie label Spune (they also work with notably talented artists Doug Burr and Birds & Batteries). The song sounds like a call to arms, and as I stated before can be kind of inspiring listening. In doing some investigating, I discovered that Paste thought well enough of Seryn to feature this track. It’s worth a listen, even if “folk-pop” — whatever that is or isn’t — might not be your usual cup of tea.

Seryn – We Will All Be Changed by The Wounded Jukebox

We Will All Be Changed Cover Art

[Label page]  [Bandcamp]  [MySpace]  [Buy This Is Where We Are on iTunes]



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