Introducing — The Eclectic Moniker: “Easter Island”

When I listen to “Easter Island”, the first track from The Eclectic Moniker’s most recent EP A Part of Something Bigger, I feel like I should be walking on some beautiful, sandy, sunny beach and sipping a pina colada.

The group, who is from Copenhagen, Denmark, remind me of bands like Way Yes or Vampire Weekend, in that they combine big, rhythmic hooks with a real sense for beat and melody. There’s a serious hodgepodge of sounds going on in “Easter Island”, and the same goes for the second track we offer here, titled “Officers”.

The Eclectic Moniker have been around for about a year, and they cite Paul Simon and west-African music as two of their more prominent influences. You can certainly hear elements of both on each of these tracks, which are a whole lot of fun to absorb. They can get you dancing but can also impress with their well-constructed grooves.

So check out a cool new band by sampling some tracks below!

The Eclectic Moniker – Easter Island by The Wounded Jukebox

The Eclectic Moniker – 2 Officers by The Wounded Jukebox

A Part of Something Bigger Cover Art

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