Year of the Tiger- Good Day for a Tiger

Brooklyn duo, Year of the Tiger, recently released their six song EP, Good Day for A Tiger.  Members Sable Yong and Henry Ivry mix electronic rifs, grungy guitars, and catchy lyrics into an palatable, yet abrasive smoothie. They describe their songs being composed of “a lot of guitar, a lot of chopped, gritty synths, and heavy drums” and “yelling. Mostly yelling. And wrath.”

Year of the Tiger’s influences are heard at first listen. Sleigh Bells (too many parallels to list). The Karen O vocals.  The Le Tigre bopping motions.

Band members met at their alma mater SUNY Purchase and hit the music books hard in 2010. They call themselves a DIY operation using a laptop, guitar, and mics as their “ammunition.” The EP is even an home recording, but you can’t tell (The XX anyone?)!

Be sure to check out “Rockit” and “Electric.” You will want to dance, and the kind of dancing that is mostly jumping up and down in celebration. Also, some fist-pumping may occur.

Year of the Tiger – Rockit

Year of the Tiger – Electric

They are offering a free download of the EP at their bandcamp site. This band is proving that 2011 is the real year of the tiger. Get it, gurrrl!


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