Video: Lia Ices – “Daphne”

Lia Ices I had never seen a falcon drink water, and I had never seen Lia Ices smile, before this, her video for second single “Daphne”.  Sweeps and wooshes and leaps frame images of the damp California wilderness in a scavenger light, eeking out a slight story of what a typical afternoon might be for the three main characters: Lia Ices, a non-descript boy and a falcon.  And as the video hits its halfway point, allowing the entrance of Justin Vernon’s accentuating vocals, we see things take a ritual turn, with scenes of ceremony in the night.   But if this video was supposed to be the proper introduction and the grand declaration of Lia Ices’ arrival, I have been left wanting.  Since her major label signing to Jagjaguwar, more and more people have been exposed to the beautiful music she makes, but she’s been hidden behind odd montages and secret meanings in the matching clip for “Daphne”.  It just doesn’t feel right, to finally unveil the great wonder, but have it wrapped in opaque fabric.  When I was expecting a clear beauty, what we have instead received was someone else’s skewed interpretations.  I’ve been a Lia Ices fan for years, and I don’t get it.

Which is to say NOTHING poor about her new album: Grown Unknown.  It is BEYOOOooond the daily dose of heaven my body can handle.  Just listening to “New Myth” once will put me closer to stars.  BUT, we get what we get when we get it.  And we would be piss poor guests to refuse a gift with such amazing scenery.

Catch Ms. Ices on tour with Twin Shadow, Glasser, Bright Eyes and later on a headlining tour with The Cave Singers.

Lia Ices – “Daphne”

Lia Ices – “New Myth”

Grown Unknown (Grown Unknown is available now from Jagjaguwar)

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