Tune-Yards: “Bizness”

When I heard the song “Fiya” for the first time, I was obsessed with how beautiful and raw it was. Such power and genuine feeling wrapped in such wonderful music. Then, in the summer of 2010, Matt and I got to ask Merrill Garbus, the immensely creative woman behind Tune-Yards, what the song actually meant. And it only served to make me love her music more. So when she spoke of recording a sophomore album during TWJ’s interview with her last August, we were understandably excited.

Enter the sometimes overwhelming onslaught of new tunes and new artists. While I still revisited Tune-Yards’ debut Bird Brains periodically, I rarely skimmed the music musings on the internet to find out when her second release would grace us with its presence. Then, awake at 3 a.m. and checking Twitter (an exciting life we bloggers lead, no?) a few days ago, I scrolled past, then scrolled back to a tweet from Frank of ListenBeforeYouBuy, a wonderful blog. He, and seemingly no one else among us, had discovered that a new Tune-Yards song now existed. It was called “Bizness”.

And so, at 3 a.m., when I should have been asleep, I fumbled through the darkness and grabbed my headphones to listen to the newest output from Merrill Garbus. And I am pleased to say that everything we fell in love with on Bird Brains is, at least on “Bizness”, fully intact. The chopped vocal and audio samples, the style that’s somewhat hard to pin down, Garbus supplying vocals that range from soft to shouting — all never failing to intrigue.

Yes, “Bizness”, from her forthcoming release w h o k i l l, is a winner — complete with a touch of lovely horns — that you should check out. Like now. And w h o k i l l is slated for an April 19 US release date via 4AD.

Tune-Yards – Bizness by The Wounded Jukebox

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