Introducing — Hey Sholay: “Dreamboat”

Hey Sholay are friendly fivesome from Sheffield, UK who know how to make indie-pop music that jingles and jangles nicely. On “Dreamboat”, the first single the band has widely distributed via the internet (up until now, they’ve mostly disseminated their tunes via the DIY-style cassette tape), the guitar melody and “ooh ooh” backing vocals get stuck just deep enough in one’s head to warrant repeated listens.

After jamming to this song several times, I can vouch for its catchiness. Give this quintet a chance and  I think you’ll find they take up permanent residence in your brain, somewhere between that memorized recipe for the perfect chicken casserole and that list of the pros and cons of asking out the cute barista who makes your coffee every morning. Check it out.

If you like what you hear below, you can give the band your email address for a free download of “Dreamboat” here.

Hey Sholay – Dreamboat by The Wounded Jukebox

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