Eisley: The Valley [Free Album Stream]


And so I reveal a guilty pleasure to you.  Not to say that the Tyler, Texas family band is ANYTHING to be embarrassed about, their perfect harmonies would leak all the bleeding hearts.  But they seem SO wholesome, and pure: a group of siblings surviving the music industry for 14 years.  And let’s face it, it’s a harsh business; full of ego and the addicting kinds of fun.  So any group that can create a beautiful bubble to live in, and shoot a constant barrage of stellar audio nuggets out of it, is something to turn your lens upon.   On The Valley (out March 1st) they turn a bit towards the downward side, with some of the members experiencing the sharp end of loVVVe during the making of it, it was only natural.  What would YOU do if you were suddenly un-engaged?  But despite this, every bit of the record is a table to set your lovelies upon.  The centerpieces being the title track “The Valley”, “Kind” with its vast string movements and “Better Love”, which thunders like horses on the planes of Antigua.

Stream the entire album fo free (free?  yes. free.) courtesy of Equal Vision Records via Spin.



Download “Ambulance”, another track from The Valley and “Golly Sandra” from their 2007 Combinations.

The Valley (The Valley is available 3/01/11 from Equal Vision Records)

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