Yes Nice: “Horses”

Yes Nice are a fivesome from Vancouver, and their song “Horses” is a hard-charging, apocalypse-anticipating, fun-packed folk romp that has bells of the chiming and jingling variety, thumping percussion, strummed and plucked guitar and even some organ for good measure. The song embraces the end of the world, and the strings that weave through its melodies seem to make the end of days pretty cheerful. Did I mention there’s some whistling that’s awfully cute as well? Well there is.

All the pieces fit together nicely on “Horses”, which is from Yes Nice’s 2010 debut LP Blindfolded. Check it out below.

Yes Nice – Horses by The Wounded Jukebox

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  1. #1 by Justin S on February 23, 2011 - 2:01 PM

    Woah, this does not sound like anything I’ve ever heard. This is definitely going on my blog…

  2. #2 by Moustache Mike on February 23, 2011 - 4:54 PM

    Greetings again,

    Just wanted to say hello, it’s been a while since I commented, also I hope you know I’m expecting some sweet mix of soundtrack tunes, in honor of the great Oscars on Sunday.

    Your friend in facial hair,
    M. Mike

  1. Video: Yes Nice – “Horses” « The Wounded Jukebox

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