NanosauR: “Bravery”

NanosauR is San Franciscan Michael Solorzano, and the dude has a knack for constructing quality chillwave tunes. Now I’ll be honest — I’m never quite sure how to accurately define chillwave, but when I listen to tracks like “Bravery” from Solorzano’s debut EP Shades, I imagine indie-kids soaking up Nanosaur’s downtempo synths and uptempo beats in basements and on dance floors.

“Bravery” is about wanting to tell that special lady how much you like her, but succumbing to those feelings of nervousness, nausea and dizziness that can come with confessing such adoration. Solorzano’s rhythmic and energetic presentation of such angst is actually a lot of fun.

For a debut, Solorzano has shown some impressive chops when it comes to building beats and developing a mood with the tracks on Shades. To provide examples of that, we offer two other tracks — the funky-yet-subdued instrumental “Kodakz” and the psychadelic MGMT-like romp “Shade” — for you to peruse. Enjoy it all from an emerging chillwave (I think) artist!

NanosauR – Bravery by The Wounded Jukebox

NanosauR – Kodakz by The Wounded Jukebox

NanosauR – Shade by The Wounded Jukebox

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