David’s Lyre: “In Arms”

David's Lyre

Boy am I glad he’s past his mask phase.  It was creepy, and it just accentuated the nose.  Paul Dixon, the Manchester based 20-year old is moving on, in image and sound.  Named after the biblical mystique surrounding the instrument that soothed King Saul’s anxieties, David’s Lyre might not be able to drive demons away, but he can certainly take your woes down a notch or two.  With his breathy new single, “In Arms”, strong-armed piano is clawed in succession with stiff brass accompanying the claims of infancy.  Add a little hip-hop percussion rhythms and you’ve got yourself a song that you can dance and then cry to.  Catch the song, along with reworks, remixes, the shadow puppet video and a free digital album full of remixes done by Dixon himself below.

David’s Lyre – “In Arms”
In Arms by David’s Lyre

David’s Lyre – “In Arms (Iskra String Quartet Version)”

David’s Lyre – “In Arms (Bombay Bicycle Club Remix)”

David’s Lyre – “In Arms (Pearson Sound Remix)”


Check out a bunch of David’s Lyre remixes of artists like Patrick Wolf, Chapel Club, Everything Everything and Marina and the Diamonds for free, here!

David’s Lyre – “Tear Them Down”

In Arms EP

(The In Arms EP is available via Mercury Records)

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