Phoenix: “Lisztomania (John Glenn New Division Remix)”

This past Tuesday, we featured “Starfield”, an excellent track from California band The New Division. The band also released a remix of the track that showed its talents for reworking its own material. So what about when The New Division tries its talents at remixing Sean’s No. 1 song of 2009? The results are, as we expected, pretty cool.

Phoenix has been more than generous in allowing everyone who wished to remix tracks from its outstanding 2009 release Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. They even offered up the multitracks from the album (basically each song broken down into its separate elements) to make the task even easier for aspiring and established DJs alike.

There were a slew of remixes for “Lisztomania” throughout 2009 and 2010. Many of them were good, some of them were bad and others the French pop outfit felt were worthy of posting on their own website. The New Division just gave the world its stab at remixing Phoenix’s gem, and it’s available — along with the remix of TND’s own track “Starfield” — below for free. Check it out!

Phoenix – Lisztomania (John Glenn New Division Remix) by John Glenn

The New Division – Starfield (John Glenn’s Finest Taste Mix) by The Wounded Jukebox

Connect to The New Division: [Bandcamp]  [Artist site]  [Facebook]  [Twitter]  [Soundcloud]  [MySpace]



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