Dog is Dead: Your Childhood Trilogy


In typical English fashion, Dog is Dead make color with their music, to make up for the supreme lack of it from their celebrities.  Another Noel Gallagher article England?  David Beckham having more babies with Posh Spice?  Charlie Sheen is on a drug; it’s called “Charlie Sheen!”.  FLAME WAR BEGUN.  Ball’s in your squash court pinky pointers.  But I do have to say, your music is tops.  With unexpected harmony bouts and soaring saxophone solos, the Nottingham band of youthful hopefuls are a rainbow for your stolid Tuesday.  They’ve just released (yesterday) the final song in their unnecessary but appreciated ‘Your Childhood Trilogy’.  Altogether, the self-released trio includes “Young”, “Glockenspiel Song” and “River Jordan”; creating a sequence of songs that begin with insane anticipatory joy and end with a complex triple tuck dive into maturity…and the discovery of girls.  Follow along and see just how much angst and joy the Brits can channel into their musings.

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