Introducing — Eastern Phoebes: Wampum

As cute musician tales go, that of Long Island band Eastern Phoebes is pretty hard to beat. Couple Ry Smith and Meg Bayley make lo-fi indie rock in their loft apartment and enlist the help of friends to provide artwork for each of their releases. Today marks the unleashing on the world of Wampum, the duo’s first full-length after they released two EPs in 2010.

Wampum is full of interesting and adorable piano and keyboard melodies, and those are layered with vocals from both Smith and Bayley as well as some handclaps and drum samples. For two people making lo-fi tunes in their apartment, there are surprising riches to be had on this record, which clocks in at about 26 minutes. It is to be shared with friends or faithful partners on sunny days — it’s the kind of twee that The Boy Least Likely To and — to a lesser degree — Mates of State specialize in.

There’s not much to the music that Eastern Phoebes makes, but there’s plenty in it. If that make sense. Find out with some samples, and download Wampum for free with the bandcamp link below.

Eastern Phoebes – John Boyle Island (Wampum) by The Wounded Jukebox

Eastern Phoebes – Country Club by The Wounded Jukebox

BONUS! A track from the band’s December 2010 EP Rods of Energy, entitled “Fate of the World”

Wampum Cover Art

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