Introducing – The RiverBreaks: Strangers In The Hot Night

I have been waiting for The RiverBreaks Album for a long time. This DC based band has finished their album Get You Right and released their first single “Strangers In The Hot Night.” They were also kind enough to give us “Piedmont,” an exclusive song for TWJ readers.

With this album, Ryan Bailey adds his superb song writing abilities and voice, to the wailing licks of Jesse Prentice-Dunn, the infectious keys of Andrew Satten, the stellar beats of Kirk Anderson, and the catchy bass lines of Ben Hopkins, to create a wide variety of sounds. They range pop songs to americana tunes, while keeping their laid-back style. “Strangers In The Hot Night” and “Piedmont,” highlight their pop-rock groove, somewhat like another DC area staple, Virginia Coalition. Keep an eye out for this band on the DC music scene. They would definitely be on my top ten DC bands to watch.

The RiverBreaks – “Strangers In The Hot Night”

The RiverBreaks – “Piedmont”

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