Diamond Doves: “Club Night”

Initially, Diamond Doves sound like the kind of slow-burning jam band that one must be in a particular state of mind to listen to. But with patience and a little bit of exploration, one discovers some interesting touches in each of the three tracks we offer here. The creativity sets them apart from bands with similar styles.

In come the violins  and reverbed sing-songy vocals on “Hey Lady”, which give the track a little extra soul beyond the capable electric guitar wah-wahs. On “Club Night”, the vocals are distorted and ominous, and the orchestral touches creep in along with some big-band horns that are entertaining. The smoky vocals are back on “Is There Any Hope?”, and then about one-third of the way through, we get more kickass horns and some island-rhythm chimes supporting.

The three members of Diamond Doves have kept some pretty impressive indie-rock company. They are three-fourths of Elvis Perkins in Dearland. They’ve played as the horns section (ah, it all makes sense now) for My Morning Jacket, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bon Iver and Okkervil River. They are currently on tour with The Felice Brothers. And their own stuff borrows some elements from all those bands, with some compelling results. Check out all three tracks below, and give these songs time to grow on you. They did on me.

Diamond Doves – Is There Any Hope? by flatiron

Diamond Doves – Hey Lady by flatiron

Diamond Doves – Club Night by flatiron

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