Dimbleby & Capper: “Let You Go”


Rather than a magic/hat shop combo, Dimbleby & Capper is entirely vocalist, producer and re-mixer Laura Bettinson.  Since her debut in 2009, she’s evolved from a one woman show filled with looping pedals, to a 5 piece carnival show with home-made costumes, masked dancers and multiple drum sets.  I tripped over her music by accident, sneered at the first 50 seconds of “Let You Go”, and readied myself to keep going my merry way.  But when Bettinson threw her Velcro chorus in, and kept ounces and inches of the verse beats flowing throughout, I tripped again.   And as I lay on the ground listening more, I discovered that her music is daring, in the way it keeps the hook and sinker well-hidden in the bowels of each song.  On the outside there might be some tangles, and downright dissonance, but there IS always a layer beneath, which will bake you cookies and invite you to stay.  D&C released the Slick Maturity EP in 2009 which includes the frank “Money Water” and the instantly trolling “Black Smoke/Burning House”.  And now, she’s ready to release her Let You Go single, with B-side “Raise It Right” and a remix of the title track by Animals on Wheels (free here).  I love music that challenges and stretches me in new ways.  Dimbleby & Capper will be a plentiful source of amazing sing-a-long sessions and furrowed brow moments, both cellophane wrapped up into song-sized packages.  Keep your eyes on her during this year, she’ll keep getting bigger and grander.  I’m gonna go listen to “Let You Go” for the rest of the day.
Let You Go by Dimbleby & Capper

Money Water by Dimbleby & Capper

Black Smoke/Burning House by Dimbleby & Capper

Let You Go(The Let You Go single will be available 3/21/11 via Tape)

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  1. #1 by meltinpop on March 6, 2011 - 12:17 PM

    Wow. never heard this before. beautiful. just added her to our Fresh and Exciting playlist and recommended your blog:). tnx!

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